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Couple Coaching


Put the sizzle back into your relationship by allowing you to find the way back to open communication. Couple coaching will encourage you to live together again and not just side by side.

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couple coaching

A great marriage is not when the ‘perfect couple’ comes together.
It is when an imperfect couple learns to enjoy their differences

– Dave Meurer

Have you experienced one or the other of these situations?

  • When we are dealing with issues, one is talking while the other one just feels being pressured.
  • As soon as we are tackling issues, tempers flare and we are always ending fighting.
  • None of us likes conflicts so we do not dare talking, fearing it could blow.
  • We love each other but that’s not enough to understand each other.
  • It’s ok between us but the routine took over the passion we felt at the beginning.
  • We never agree so we end up fighting, negotiating and one of us ends giving up. It’s tiresome and annoying for both of us.
  • Before we moved in together, everything was great, since then, it’s chaos…
couple coaching
These are samples of issues experienced by many couples. You could probably add yours to the list.

What matters today is that, both of you feel the need to pull your couple out of this bad loop.

Couple coaching offers you not only a neutral place but also a moment to tackle your issues safely. Under the coach’s guidance, each of you will be able to express their feeling andt learn how to listen to the other one.

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What you will gain
from your couple coaching sessions


A mutual respect for each other’s feelings and what you both have to say


An healthy, open and genuine way to communicate with each other


A better way to handle emotions, individually and together


A greater awareness of your needs and how to express them adequately


A better appreciation of the other one’s background and viewpoint


A new dynamics in which you will be experimenting that 1+1=3


What you can expect
from your coach

  • A warm welcome and benevolent listening
  • A non-judgmental and positive attitude
  • Support, encouragement and motivation
  • An impartial assessment on the situation
  • A will for appeasement
  • Lines of enquiry (if necessary)

What you coach expects from you
(for effectiveness)

  • The commitment and will to address the situation (both of you)
  • Sincerity, honest readiness for a change
  • The time to complete actions you both set for your couple
  • Punctuality and a respect for the pace of our sessions
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