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My name is Sandrine Carloni and I’m 44 years old. My philosophy, as a coach, is to help my clients regain a sense of human dignity as well as a deeper sense of self. My main objective is to drive the active involvement of men and women who, like you, feel the desire to change, to progress and who are willing to give themselves the opportunity to fulfill their full potential. I am not only sensitive to people, I am dedicated to helping them achieve their dreams. This implies that I provide my clients with buckets of energy.

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You don’t get to choose how you’re going to die, or when.
You can only decide how you’re going to live. Now

– Joan Baez

tangerine coaching

The philosophy and spirit of Tangerine Coaching

After more than a decade practicing management in small and large companies, I decided to change my career to coaching. Due to a life crisis, grieving the loss of someone I loved, I felt the need to put into perspective not only my career as a manager but my whole life.

The issues I was facing at that time led me to question myself. I went through therapy and training (coaching certification, NLP, Transactional Analysis, active listening, PRODAS support group, Thiagi training games, positive psychology, mindfulness…) to finally find inner contentment.

Tangerine Coaching was born in 2009 with the mission to help people like me find a new sense of purpose, fulfill their mind and soul with energy and be more self-confident.

I know I am a positive person, very eager to make people feel at ease. My strength is to consider individual as being unique and worth to be known. This makes me a committed coach greatly concerned by the fate of my clients. Their success is important to me. I focus on each client’s strength to diminish the impact of his or her weaknesses. I use my professional expertise as my life experience only if it is useful to my client’s momentum. I do not impose my model, I am using it only if it can serve.

I consider my clients as human beings. This means that they are neither better nor worse than me . We create together what will become their future landscape. I don’t walk in their shoes, I don’t live their lives. I am their guide. My work is to give them the tools and to contribute raising awareness that will help them walk further and clearer on their new path.


Les 7 key principles of coaching

  • Individuals posses huge potential to resolve their own issues.
  • The coach brings no judgment, but acts as a catalyst for change
  • The client remains responsible for the situation and the solutions.
  • The focus is always on what the client thinks and experiences
  • Coaching is about helping clients to learn, rather than teaching them.
  • Coaching focuses on future possibilities, not past failures.
  • The coach believes in the value and uniqueness of every client.
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